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The movie clip abow was used as part of my pressentation. And do remember "You're getting brainwashed". If you want to know how, please, read my essay below.




The Wars of Media and why you?re getting brainwashed.

All media is trying to brainwash you, I will explain this in further detail so just keep on reading.

In ?This is England? the main character had a conflict with himself about what it meant to be British, or English if you prefer. My task was ?Present two or more different English-speaking media and discuss how they shape the opinion of the international community.?

If the population of the UK in the 1980?s was unable to have one common opinion, I do not see how I?m supposed to find out what the opinion of the international community is. I don?t even know if we can say there is an international community that all people belong to. If there is one, it has to be Facebook or YouTube. They both have more than 1 billion regular users across the whole world, except from China that is. Other countries ruled by dictators probably also ban Facebook.

I will look into several English speaking media. All of them have different points of view. One of the mediums I?ll talk about is CNN vs. BBC.

As previously stated if I have to mention an international community it would be Facebook or YouTube. So let?s have a look at how Facebook has contributed to the revolutions in the Middle East, Egypt and Syria.



This is information gathered from a YouTube video by vlogbrothers.

A long time ago some Europeans sat down to draw lines on a map of Africa and the surrounding areas. They gave one of the marked areas the name Syria and it suddenly turned into a country. Later the USSR stole Syria. Many years later Facebook allowed different communities to communicate effectively. This is one of the factors responsible for the revolution in Syria, where a strong minority fights a disenfranchised majority.

The International media, CNN among others, ignored the demonstrations in Syria for a long time. No major news firm informed the International Community (which in this instance is a long list of countries like Norway, Canada and the UK) that demonstrators were put in jail. This led to more demonstrations and the demonstrators were killed by the military as ordered by their current president. Few countries cared that this led to the torture of loved once.

The International Media finally started caring when the Syrian military started using chemical weapons against its citizens. President Obama of the US had warned the Syrian president that if he did this then something ?. Something happened, Russia used its veto power against the UN interfering. The Syrian president ended up giving the chemical weapons to Russia, so that the Russian president finally got to wear his good diplomat hat.



Just like in Syria, Facebook has played an important role in the Egyptian revolution. Egypt has four powerhouses: The old regime, The Muslim Brotherhood, The Egyptian Military and the revolutionary individuals.

The Egyptian military is immune to the Egyptian laws, and are therefore in control of 40% of the Egyptian economy and have huge factories run by free labor. Hussain Mubarak and the Old Regime managed to piss off the three other powerhouses in Egypt. Then, the internet and Facebook arrived, and his regime was no longer able to control the information flow through censorship.

The imperialists and the Muslim brotherhood starts demonstrating. Hussain goes to the military and says we have a problem here. They reply ?No not really?. After a while the Egyptian military removes Hussain from office with force.

The conflict continues because the Muslim brotherhood and the Egyptian military rushed the election of a new president so that the Egyptian people did not have time to make a new constitution. The person elected became a new dictator and the Egyptian military removed him from office as well. This may be the strangest military coup of all time, a coup that is supported by a lot of people. The military installs the head of the constitutional court as the interim president.

A Facebook group led to millions of demonstrators in the streets and a military coup. It changed the opinion of many local communities, perhaps even the international community.


Alternate History:

Alternate history science fiction is about the way things might have turned out. TV14v on YouTube show such a history and has a pretty large community of interested people. The show I?m going to present is about Hitler and what could have happened:

Commercials are trying to brainwash you, or change your opinion about their products. Just like Hitler tried to change the view of the German population through propaganda. The American media said that some of their captured forces where brainwashed during the cold way. All the enemy did was change the opinion of the captured American forces. This begs the question. Did the US use media as a vepond of warning to stop other countries from becoming communist, and was this the start of English being the standard for international media?

So what would have happened with America if Germany won WW2? You might say this would not happen, but it might if two of history?s turning points had turned another way. Hitler failed to realize the tactical advantages of the Messersmith. The Messersmith had a machinegun as well as a cannon, and could go twice as fast as the airplanes of the allied forces. The Messersmith was being tested 3 years before D-day and if Nazi-Germany would have mass-produced it, they would probably have won D-day and then been able to bomb all the allied boats in the English Channel.

Hitler started testing ballistic missiles in 1942. He could have put an atomic warhead inside of two of them and made Boston and New York our Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Germans did after all start development of atomic bombs 3 years before the Americans in 1941, but Hitler did not see their potential, and therefore underfunded the projects.

If the US surrenders unconditionally, suicide increases rapidly as Americans refuse to live under Nazi rule. The international community will not be the same as today and it will not be for a very long time.

Hitler takes control of all American media channels and uses them for propaganda. America becomes a mass producing super power, with lots of factories run by slaves like gays, blacks and Jews. As technology develops, the internet arrives. It?s a government-controlled internet. The internet grows out of Hitler?s control, and resistance movements develop. Just like in Egypt and Syria the internet plays an important role in the new American Revolution.


The console war:

Now let?s have a look at commercials, another English speaking medium. Microsoft vs- Sony, PS vs. Xbox.

Microsoft came up with the concept Xbox Live, this is a service that enables people to talk to each other while they play together, you may talk to your friends even while playing different games (cross-game chat). Most blockbuster games and games in general are published in English, that?s also the most common language spoken on Xbox Live, as well as on other platforms. This improves the English skills of gamers. I know one person that has learned English this way, not by attending school, but trough online gaming. Online gaming is even newer than the internet (as it has to be since it?s a service that requires an internet connection).

Microsoft sold the Xbox 360 to its brand loyalists, and got a huge part of the market share due to a premature realize. The premature realize resulted in a lot of problems with the console like the ?red ring of death?.

One year later the PS3 arrived, but mom and dad had already bought little Tom a 360, so it struggled in the beginning, no matter its superior technology. Japan is known to improve on American concepts.

The PS3 ages like fine wine, and shows its best projects at the end of its life cycle. People who bought a 360 are now buying the PS4 because it?s more powerful and Sony seems more trustworthy.

Microsoft saw this coming and has therefore marketed the Xbox One as an all in one console. Gamers will probably buy a PS4, but that doesn?t bother Microsoft at all. They have come up with a new concept. So as Sony is adapting cross-game chat, Microsoft includes services like using Skype while playing a game. People will learn English this way. The English speaking media will grow through the medium of game consoles.


The Fox:

As you?ve probably already understood there is no one international opinion, and there are many English speaking medias, also outside countries where English is the Native tongue, like Norway. The Fox is a music video made by The Ylvis Brothers as part of a TVN program. It has been seen by about 260 million people as of the 1st of December 2013. That?s 10 million more than last week. It has 2.43 million likes and 261 000 dislikes.

Let?s put that number, 260 million into perspective. Norway has a population of 5.1 million, while the US has a population of 317 million. If said views were citizens in a country, it would be the 4th biggest country out of 242 on the planet TELLUS. The Fox just got spread by word of mouth.



Are You Tubers Revolutionizing Entertainment?

YouTube has many big communities and even more sub-communities. Almost anyone who watches YouTube can make a YouTube video. The content has a superfast feedback loop, comments and likes. It has made people rethink how they talk to a camera, as you now can publish movies on your own. We have access to many million YouTube channels and can therefore watch what we want when we want. ?YouTube has been totally disruptive for the media business?. YouTube networks like Machinema has evolved. YouTube fosters a very rich community. YouTube is the biggest development in the Entertainment Industry since the creation of TV-Channels.


News Firms:

BBC is a more reliable news source than Fox news or CNN it?s controlled by a council to ensure it delivers natural rather than bias news. BBC or British Broadcasting Corporation is the world?s oldest national broadcasting organization with a 23,000 staff. It?s funded like NRK. Everyone with a TV in the UK pays a fee. BBC World News is a part of this organization. BBC is available in 274 million households compared to CNN?s 200 million. BBC is owned by The Crown (publicly owned).

CNN is Democratic and funded by commercials. CNN usually devotes many hours of airtime to the U.S. presidential elections. Chief political correspondent Candy Crowley acted as moderator for one of the three debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Some say she has been overly biased due to her attempts at correcting statements by both candidates on the 2012 Benghazi consulate attack.

Fox News runs Republican advertisement and is funded by commercials.

All three TV-channels influence people?s opinion.


Conclusion:I conclude that there is no single International community, and that different communities both online and in the real world have different views on most subjects. There will always be individuals of a different opinion than the community they live in.

All media is propaganda, that?s why Hitler was so successful in changing the opinion of his population. He had monopoly on all media channels, and dealt with the individuals who presented their own point of view swiftly. If he would have conquered the US the English speaking media would probably never be the same again, and German would probably be the world language. Our history books would have been different as well, as they would have been made by Hitler and his allies, not the allied forces.

As the internet has developed not even China with its 10.000+ staff is able to control all media that enters their borders. The internet has started a whole new community and revolutionized the way we view media forever, through YouTube and Facebook for instance. There is no one way street within mass media anymore, something the Egyptian population should be grateful for. If not for the Internet there might not have been any revolution in the Middle East.
















The Movie: «This is England».










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