My time with the Bollmeyers.

A lot has changed since I last made a post, here on my blog. I left Ray and Becky?s. I now live with the bollmeyers. I have been to my first American football game, my first away American football game (played by Cristhopper (their oldest boy, preteen) in Fort Smith) on the way home from Fort Smith we took a shortcut trough Oklahoma. During a special song I lent forward to give the car driver a hug. (A love song). He thought I was going to kiss him. He lent away, and the car started to wiggle on the road. All this In 60 miles per hour (100km/t) He asked what I was doing. I said I was going to give him a hug. He said that hug was ok, but a kiss was over the line. I said. ?Off course not (to kissing), I?m not gay. Anyhow, I have set a name record, in two weeks I have learned more than 20 names. I have even learned what name goes with what face. (Sort off)

I have eaten my first American candy, lived with four families. Met my new host family, gone to a football practice. Listened to Justin beaver like hell.

Learned that the American economy is sinking down a hole in a rock. That a hate movie about Islam, made protest happen all over the middle east, and an attack on a US easy. I have found a new host family. I move their tomorrow. I?ve attended a school play. Changed classes two times. Gotten tottering by Miss Loyd, in geometry. Learned a lot of stuff, gotten a lot of friends. Met a lot of family friends. Especially Stephanie and Brian (from my first house).

Well this is a lot of information, in the order they happened (sort off) More Info under the pictures. (In a later Post, ha, ha)

Yesterday as mentioned, I met my new host family. Mike, Julie, Cassie, Jessaia, Deleani, Anger and Thea- moe. The father is from Norway descent. (Trondheim). They are active members off the city theater, and Julie helps a lot of troubled children I Mena trough this theater.

More info about everything is listed under pictures. PS: Last time there was no way to trade down when I changed family, but this time there are plenty. I love it here. And if FORTE did not have the stupid student maximum limit of two I could have stayed here. That would be wonderful. But my new host family is also wonderful. I love them, and they are most definitely a trade up from my last home. This might turn out as the best year of my life. The last days it has been.

PPS: I almost forgot I love our current bus driver; we celebrated her birthday yesterday at the buss on way to school with cake, some peanut butter candy and balloons. She got gifts. She is just the most wonderful person. I like all my teachers, most of the students. At this moment my life is as perfect at is can be. I?m just sorry it?s Friday, since this means that it is my last day at the Bollmeyers. Well this is a long Post and long enough now. I?m not going to bring up anything more. Yesterday I song in the shower, for the first time in the US.

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16.09.2012 kl.10:14

It's a good thing you wrote on your blog. That way we actually get to know what's going on in your life. =)

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