My first candy at the Bollmeyers

They have a pool table

Olivia is making a T-shirt for a football game

My first eggrolls in the US

Don't ask

My first snack on a footballgame

Por dog

Someone where exhosted and fell asleep on the way to the meating with the coordinator at Forthe.

The same

My Samsung Galaxy S 3.

A bubble blowing contest at the FIEA meating. This is the 2. place. No price for uss then. Sharron Bollmeyer.

My Phone


The Bollmeyers home


Daun' s birthdays selebration on the Schoolbuss. THe nicest Schoolbuss driver in the world.

Present, she also got Dipers.

Destiny Hansen, from my health class is making something in the Microwawe ownen.

Other than this I have changed family, been sick for two days, gone to church tree times and mutch more. I am posting this from a car outside the Libary because my family does not have wifi.

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23.09.2012 kl.22:25

Poor dog, being eaten like that. Must have tasted hairy.

05.10.2012 kl.14:33

Really envy you!! Looks lovely in Mena - please share more pictures with us :-)

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