This is all for the moment.

Well if you yet dont know im at risk of beeing sent home tomorrow. This because forte looks a me as a pain in the but. Well i and my parrents are prepaird to figth with every wepond in our archanally untill im on the plane to norway. Then we will start a new figth. And we might ask people and companies for help. Remember david won with a stone ower goliath. We have a computer, a phone, a contract and more in our deposit. Well if i end up staying i will need a new family found according to the law in the us. If you know someone interrested in hosting me. Contact me in a facebook message and i will give you more information.

Later today my local rep is coming ower, and I will talk to her. If I stay in the US I will probobly be moved to a state up north. But I'm not leaving untill I see evidence that all regulations have been fallowed in the election of my new host family. That is if the Bollmeyers are willing to keep me untill then.

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08.10.2012 kl.17:54

You are my hero. I love your writing. You manage to convey your message perfectly and get the reader to understand. Your debating abilities are excellent. All you need to work is your spelling.

You are strong and brave, Mikkel. Keep up the good work.


11.10.2012 kl.01:32

Anonym: Thank you. I have dyslexia, but I will start to use words correction system.

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