Well I'm not dead, just back for recharging in Norway.

Well it's been ages since last time I blogged, and this partly because I have not had time, partly because of the fact that I had to go to the library to go on the internet. My host family did not have any Wi-Fi, and partly because of other reasons I will explain briefly in this post.

Well you are probably wondering why I am in Norway. This is because Forte said that I where suicidal and depressed. I can agree that I where sad, but I have proof that I where not depressed or suicidal, the best proof is that I am still alive, I also have a lot of friends, families and others who can confirm that my mental stage are strong and pretty solid. I did however leave the classroom in 3th period, one of these days, to go to the bathroom to text and cry. The reason for this where a conversation I had with a person I thought wanted to help, but in reality is the reason I'm sitting in Norway at the moment. I also found some things in the current host family difficult to deal with. But since I have written a contract that says that I will be discrete about the host family's private business, I will not say more than that. The person I where texting is one of the few persons I really trusted in Mena, Sharron Bollmeyer. I needed comfort, and I needed answering to some private questions. As you can see to go on an exchange year can be difficult at times, but I had a lot of good moments as well, and I will remember them the best. I have however written a diary, which might come in handy later in life. I needed to write down thoughts and feelings somewhere. I wrote the diary during my time with the Moes, which brings me on to the pictures. (I will post another post later today with more pictures, this because I will post 55 of them, and I do not want to have them all in one post)

My first day with the Moes, I hang out at the Theatre. This is upstears, and they are practising lines for the dracula play.

At the theatre, the day I changed family.

The papirwork

The Moes, all these 7 people and me in a 4 beedroom house.

A churtch service at The Crossing. (kirke?)

A party after a theatre practise on a sunday.

I went home to Charles. To the left. To the rigth my other friend Paul.

We played a complicated game, called risk. I had beginner luck and concered half the world, at that point Paul stopped playing, and we ate dinner. So the play where never finnished, but I where in the lead.

Charles home

Charles plays Renfield in the Dracula play



Jessia, my 15 year old host sister


Jessia an Paul in a talk

One of the Moes pets.

A wiew from the ruins of the old collage, ower the suburb Mena.

As you can see I had lots of fun with the Moes, although I had some problems. I do not regret the dissection (my mom said it should be decision, but I think that I cut the exchange year open to see what was inside) of going on an exchange year, trading family or saying that I would like to try to live with the Moes.

And since someone has commented my writing skills in a negative way again, I have used words spelling control, and will once more say that I am dyslectic.

PS: Well I still live according to Arkansas time zone, I see no need to change to Norwegian time zone, since I will return shortly one way or the other. That way I will not experience jet lag again.

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