Well I'm not dead, just back for recharging in Norway. part 2

My host sister, Kassi. She is a good singer and have made an album. She where contacted by several record companies and MTV, they wanted to sign a contract with her. She said no. She also said no to a collage trip (All expences paid, and she would get 2 000$ for eatch collage performed at) She rejected this recuest as well. She have had the same vocal coatch as Miley cyrus, her cousin is Demi Levato. I do not understand why she wants to go to a collage in Mena, rather than perfill her potensial, and use her tallent. That is what she wanted to do when she where smaller.

Some friends from the Theathre.

Jessia (host sister) and Charles Ford,

With good eating manners?

Chriss K


My host sister Delany, in focus. Joseph is the guy. There is also Tia or Angel and Julie in the picture.

Everything in the US is in big containers. Everything is big in america, eaven the ____.

In the park, with Paul Minor, while waiting for Charles Ford to clean his house.

Some homemade dinner at Charles

We walked towards wallmart, it started poring down, and we desided to head back. We got wet.

On a trip to Forth Smith with some exchange students and Joseph and Delany.

In an asian store.

The exchange students


The exchange students driving in my car.

Julie is getting cold.

Delany and her dog at the lake

The lake

A school parade.

There will be a part three of this pickture serie, it will be posted tomorrow, norwegian time.

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