Well I'm not dead, just back for recharging in Norway. part 3

Charles Ford trowing candy to the people watching the parade.

Two students at Mena high, who where in the school parade in coustume for Guys and Dolls.

The City theatre, Where I ended up doing homework in three different subjects.

Milkshake macine, witch I found difficoult to figure out, I tried the cups underneath, and nothing happened, then I had to ask a store emploie to help me figure it out.

The finnished milkshake

A dentist office in Forth Smith.

The libeary in Forth Smith, from the left. Jessia Moe and Delany Moe.

The same thing, 5 secounds later.

The city park I wisited in Forth Smith. I got left behind. Sad, I got found by Kassi, Joseph and Chriss K, happy,

A scurle. (Wrong spelling!) Ekkorn

The moust amazing veggie burito at the food cort in Forth Smith's mall

My room with the bollmeyers

A friend from school.

Casey Bass, one of my best friends at school by the time I left.

Isn't Cierra just magnifisent. I promice she behaves as good as she looks, a true friend.

Charles Ford, on one of his strange adventures, he tried out as a girl nigth at Wall Mart. Pretty fun actually, when he started to figth me and paul. Me as a strange mix between god knows what, Angree birds and Spiderman. He's just as creasy as I am.

Thimmoty Chooper. (Sorry if miss spelled)

Faith Davasher. A veiteres at a caffe by the city theatere, she served uss one day, and since we have been friends. Here is a convirsation. "What do you need?" "A friend@" "O.k sure ."

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