Recommendations to exchange students. Anbefalinger til utvekslingsstudenter.

Noen av disse pungtene kan flges samme hvor du er og hvem samarbeidsorginitiasjonen er. Men det er tatt utgangspungt i at du er i USA, under Forte.

If you are in trouble and your local representative won't listen to you nor Forte, there are three places that you can call for help in the US.
1. Department of State: 1 866 283 9090 or email:

These guys take care of students who are in danger. You can send a mail on their site or call them at 1 760-583-9593
3. Remember 911 for emergencies - if parents hit each other, their children or behave inappropriately toward you.
Make sure your parents bug Into into taking you seriously. The rule about as little contact as possible does not apply when you are at a place that is bad for you.
Write a journal, take pictures of conditions.
If your local representative, area representative or headquarters say mean stuff, use sms instead. Keep them just in case you need them.
If you are afraid to talk to Into or the Department of State yourself, please let us know and we can send them a message. Anything you tell us/mom will be confidential unless you want to have it passed on.
On the net you can get people checked out - is one place that you can go.
You can check out this website more info on how to go about doing it.
Get a lawyer on retainer over there if your family can afford to. Your parents can do that from Norway. At least you will have some power behind your back.

Remember. Into try to take care of you, but in the end they will believe Forte over what you say. It's just the way the world works.

Lise Lotte email: or message on Lise Almenningen

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