While waiting.

(Sorry for bad grammar, sentenses, spelling, worduse, as you can see from this sentence it's gonna be terribly.)

Well what do I do all day? Wait. And while I wait I do some stuff.

Today I went on a long walk with my dog Angie. I also talked with my Driver teatcher, and we desided that I should do the driver test. (Mutch more difficoult than in the US) in Lillestrm instead of Kongsvinger. Cause in Lillestrm they have set up some more tests, and instead of getting my license 4 of January, I will get it in November. My birthday month.

This weekend I spent with my ant, witch lives in Gardermoen. It was fun, and I had some cake.

I'm bored, and about to go to bed.

I don't know what to write about my case.A friend (letscall her Siry)have been to great help. She is going to talk to her friend in the Washington Post, to se if he wants to read about my case in his news papir. I have not jet heard from our lawyer in the US. (The mistiryus one, witch are famus). We have reported Into and FIEA to some political parties, departments and others. Some of my friends in the US has also read it. Our case is cleare. The outfall is not. What do I do?

I'm confused, tired and bored, and about to go to bed.

I have applied for a job, and migth get called in for an intervju today. I have asked to spend some days with my grandparents a cupple of hours ago, but have not yet gotten any reply.

In my last post I said that I would post a post about my trip home to norway. I have a lot of picktures, and It will be bosted this week. I think tomorrow.

I'm empty, confused, tired and bored, and about to go to bed.

I also gone to a phycolog who said I where not suiccidal and depressed. This is great for my case, as that is one of the reasons I got sent home. (The main reason)

Well untill my hometrip post, here is some picktures from earlyer posts. (Thank god for autosave, cause if not I would have lost all of the abow. Internet restarted, and Blogg.no saved my pre posted post)

My grand parents

A school trip to Poland

I do not like the blogs arcive. Idon't understand it.

PS: I forgot my PS.

PS: Iremembered it, IfI know you, I will send you a copy of my complaint totheUSor/and the Norwegian org. In English/Norwegian. Just comment here with your nameand Email,that is ifi'm not a friend of you on facebook or things like that. In that case you can send me email adress there.

PS: See you later Mena, I am coming back.

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23.10.2012 kl.11:46

This is what you can say about your case.

You have filed a complaint with the State Department in the USA against Forte. There is nothings secret about that. Copies have been sent to Arkansas, Texas, various Norwegian embassy officials, Into and Forte, and various lawyers.

You have filed a complaint with the State Department in Norway explaining your case with Into and Forte and also asking for better regulations against the industry and a place where exchange students can turn to if their stay in the US has been bad.

There is nothing mysterious about what we have done thus far.


23.10.2012 kl.12:07

Anonym: *we have done *this* far"


23.10.2012 kl.19:13

I understand very well that you are tired and bored! All your plans for the next months have been wiped out... Wish you all kind of luck both with your driving license and with the job appliance! And you know, what does not "kill" you, makes you stronger :-)

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