My hometrip.

Well let me start off with saying I'm sorry for any missunderstandings I have created in my life. I have never ment to hurt anyone to start with.

I think there have only been 7 people in this world I have hurted on purpose, and 2 of them lives outside Norway. I know I have hurted lots more, but I try to correct myself and tell them I'm sorry

Once again this has happened, so Siril, I am sorry. I will not post a video blogg, and therefor I will not tell your friend Sigrid happy birthday. But I can write it. Happy birthday Sigrid. The reason I will not make a video blog is cause I had some tecnical problems with Windows Movie Maker.

Well nothing have been going on in my life worth mentioning ligthly, that is why this post will be about my tip from the US to Norway. I will post some picktures and comment underneath them.

She is cleaning shooes

The interrail

An american sized veggie burger, with fries. I did not eat all the fries. And water

A car for peopleExercise inhibited (people in wheelchairs)

My ticket, I thlugth I where going to gate 22 (in building D) I was however wondering why the D where last and not first. It's a good thing I asked if I where at the correct gate, if not I would have missed my fligth at gate 25.

I god some free batteries from a headset shop, and they did not eaven sell my brand.

A wheelchair

Inside the airplane

The airplane had a fuel leak in the wing, so they desided not to take off. Yeah, that meant more time in the US. Eaven the airplane security is against FIEA.

On the way out to Dallas again.

A smothie at Dallas Airport

Help for the passengers on my plane, I did not get upgreaded since first class where full, crap.

The two airplane tickets.

The dinner from Dallas to London.

My first tomato juice, It migth be my last as well.

Breackfest ower the London sky

A terrible cheese pizza, and the hot cacao is not to good ether.

So if you can see london eye from this angel from a resturant, get out quickly.

The central train station in London

Snack from London to Oslo.

My luggage


After. My mother and father where suppriesed I got room for all that in my luggage.

I have sent a complaint against Into to Tv 2 Hjelper deg. That's it for today. I'm off to a churtch dance so I need to eat and walk my dog.

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