Fuck My Life

One thing about most blog's is that the bloggers only post good things in their life, this makes you feel like your life sucks. Well I'm not going to be that kind of blogger, therefor this post is not a happy post. But it's not a sad post eyther?

The topic of my life: Fuck my life.

Let's start to talk about the play Fuck My Life: The preformense have been made once before (See youtube) but this time it will be made in Oslo, Norway.

The play is about the life of teens. And there are some strange stories, everything from raping to getting a deep cut in the face by apotato cake.

I went to Oslo to have a tolk about the preformance. I told him my life story. And he said I had a 40/60% chance to get into the play. (40 for it, 60 against)

Well I did not get into the play. The reason for this is that all actors will get payd, and they had no money to pay me with. They had also started production 2 weeks ago. Boomers, why did I not think about sending the director a mail, the day I came back to Norway. If I would have done that, I would most likely been in the play. Another misstake made by myself. Boomers.

Well one of the things I talked to him about where the case I had against FIEA and Into.

The Case:

Well there isn't really anything to tell. We are in contact with lawyers in both Norway and (trougth a friend) in the US. We have contacted TV2 Hjelper deg (A norwegian TV show who deals with unjusdice between seller and buyer) Lastly we have contacted The Department of State, CSFES, friends etc in the US. In norway we have contacted the foreign minister, all the political parties in Norway (As we have a lot more than two) ANSA (kind of like CSFES)

All this with no result in my case.

I am applying and have applyed for several jobs. I am trying to get my drives license. (Done with all the obligatory things exept from the exam.)


My halloween where unfantastic. The ground where covered with wet snow, and it where raining for hours. I did not scare anyone, no one went trick or treat on our door. I did however see two groups of tree when I walked my dog. The reason it where not my worst where because my little tow where not broken and I had some candy.

Well that's all for today. God bless yo'al and god bless the US, so let O'bama win once agains!

PS: Yes I'm a democrat.

PPS: I think next post will be called. You know that you are in the bible belt when .....

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