Yes this is a negative post.

Since I've been in the US for 44 days, I'm going to write about the mayor dissopointments I have had the last 44 days. (or so)

- Becky Sanderson talked me into trusting her, then used any information I gave her to hurt me in any way posible.

- Becky Sanderson Told me that I will return to Norway in a hurtfull and rude way (but she did not tell me the reason)

- Becky Sanderson lied to me on multiple times about multiple things.

- Julie and Mike said they had known for several days that I would returning to Norway, without telling me. (others dissopointments made, if made are private)

- FIEA desided to send me home, this after my parents, me and a lawyer tried to talk sence into them. (they sent me home because Becky Sanderson said I where depressed and suiccidal, this is something a psycologyst in Norway have dissconfirmed)

- I and my parents had a meating with Into, where they said they would not send me back to the US, agreed compleatly with FIEA and would not refound my money.

- Sharraon wrote a hurtfull letter about me.

- Ray wrote me several hurtfull facebook messengers.

- Sas Ground Service on Gardermoen Airport, denied my job application without locking at it.

- TV 2 denied my job application.

- I did not record my convirsations with Becky Sanderson.

- I did not apply for the play Fuck my Life the day I returned to Norway.

- Therefor I god rejected from the play Fuck My Life. (They had alreaddy started practise two weeks ago)

- No one in norway wants to help me in my case with Into. (the televition company TV2 said they migth be interessted in having my case in their show TV2 Hjelper deg (helps you) but they have not confirmed that they will help me in any way yet)

- Non of my host families seems to want to have any contact with me.

Oh well so to answer my Q on my facebook profile. (Q: How many times can you get dissopointed in a week). A: More than 15.

So what is dissopointment?

According to the dictionary I found online:depressedordiscouragedbythefailureofone'shopesorexpectations:adisappointedsuitor.

I would say that dissopontment is a failiure to accomplish something you said out to do. And if this is the case you could argue that I have only had one dissopointment since I left for my exchange year.

I set out to live a great year in the US and study at a public high school for 1 school year.

Result: 44 days in the US.

Failiure: X-44 (X=255)

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06.11.2012 kl.10:27

What were the 15 good things that happened to you during the same time that were of the same importance as the bad stuff.

I hate disappointments. They hurt so much. But life is a joke and laughing at us is what it does best. We just have to learn to laugh along with it.

06.11.2012 kl.10:34

I really wanted to share this with you. Obama says it pretty well. The things we go through that are disappointments to us or us getting our feelings hurt because of what others say or do are usually not about us. Instead they are about other people being afraid because of something and then blaming us. Sometimes people are just plain mean, but most people aren't.


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