Demi Lovato

You are probobly wondering:
What do I know about Demi Lovato.

Quite a lot actually, but most of witch are not public information. You see she where my host cousine when I lived with the Moe's. I did never meet her, but Julie Moe my host mother often talked about her most famous niese.

I have alreaddy talked about my host sister Kassi Moe, witch have made an album named Beyond Sound. Who turned down a lot of offers.

I have applied for jobs. I did not get the job in Spain, but I where on a job intervju today in Oslo.

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16.11.2012 kl.16:44

Cassie certainly has really good songs.

16.11.2012 kl.16:53

I just listened to Demi. She and Cassie voices are kind of alike.

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