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Onse upon a time, there where a boy who just turned 18 years old, he where in between adventures, and therefor quite bored. He had learned a lot, thereamong not to tell his mother that he where bored, cause that would only lead to house cleaning.
(By this time you are probobly starting to wonder)

Yes this boy is confusing eaven to himself, because in the US just two months ago, he insisted on cleaning a house. Well that's one confusing part of a long confusing story in a long confusing life.
(If you by now thinks: He's just so stupid, this makes no sence or something like that)

If I have gusessed correct inside the () I have done my job.

You see I just wanted to to have a little feal on how I'm feeling about the whole Exchange case with FIEA.

And that's only this blogs entry. (How long is it gonna be?)

(Good nigth joke) Fasebook post inside () My mother always says life's a joke, and the joke's on you.

My last fasebook post for now is this

(I just wathced The Simpsons, for the past two weeks, and finally someone else than Lisa said something half intelligent (Based ont the christian belife) (Marge simpson where the person who said this, in season 17 episode 16)

"Suiccide, Grand pa killing yourself is a sind. God wants us to die of old age, after years of paind and redused mobility."

So may you all have a wonderfull day.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V_AbIzBTYQ&feature=fvhr(Another confusing thing, the US electorian votes)

Still counfused? If so ask me Q's, and I will give you A's.

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