The hunt

My hunt continues, all the hunts that is.
Today, I've sent out about 10 job applications. Within Salesmanship and forktruck driving

Yesterday I selebreated my 18th birthday with my family.

The cakes all in front of Alexander

The family in my living room

some more family (All on my mothers side)

One of my creasy cousines

A terrible picture

Another picture of motion in motion, a good combination at least

The candy I ate

The candy my ant ate

Well back to my hunt for justise. I filed a complaint on my broken camera to the issuranse firm, it got denied. I filed a complaint of Into to VG and they are locking at posting it in their newspapir. All this in one weekent.

And I eaven took time to post til post in my blog, read by a total of 12 yesteray: (Who migth be reading?) My mother, my nabor and 10 others.

Have a great day, and enjoy school, work etc. Because I will enjoy the stay at home time you miss.

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