Dreams are nice.

Well, jet again I dreamt about the US. This happened tonigth, and I think I dreamt in english. More than that I do not remember.

I also dreamt 180.no (The company I went on an intervju at) had moved to another place in Oslo, this place where cuite run down. And around a corner and down some steps where a platform for audience and another floor below where a stage, where some girls from Mena High School and some boys danced. After the show I went into this locker room (just like you see them in the movies, because I where never in the locker room at Mena) So the laws of fysic can go to hell in my dreams, just wish it where like this in the real world.

So what where the plot of this dream that lasted for hours (in the dream). I eaven pressed pause when I woke up, then I fell back to sleep and pressed play.

The plot where:
I miss the US, I wanna go back there, and the only thing holding me back is the laws of fysics (both the known laws, and the laws of fysic in the exchange industri) So eaven if I try to move on with my life, by applying for jobs, getting revenge, getting my story published. Nothing helps, because the whole is still there. And the only place I can fill the whole is in my dreams.

(On the burst of crying, I'm gonna end with some picktures, alreaddy published)

This is what I miss.

The life is a joke, and it's lagthing at uss all.

I hate Becky Sanderson. (who lives in Texas, and break the law with FIEA)

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