The case part 2/3

Let me start with explaning why I devided the case into three parts.
This is because the case is made in a word document, and this blog will not acsept an entry of 15 pages.

This is also to encrease tention. If you can not wait untill tomorrow to see the rest of the complaint, give me your mail adresse in a comment. And I will send the origial complaint containing pickturer and everything. (Exept from the part about the Moe's)

Once again Enjoy:

Mikkel?s abrupt move to the Bollmeyer?s

September 6, Into contacted us and told us that Mikkel had all of a sudden been moved to a temporary family. It seemed his reputation as a person that was dangerous to little children began after Ray?s promised conversation with Christine.

Into?s explanation for the sudden move was that:

Mikkel would not socialize or unpack.

This is a strange claim as Mikkel went to the Tivoli with the family, played with the children, offered to vacuum the house as it was so dirty, tried to talk to Becky (although she was very shy) and went to Ray?s job to see where that was.

When it comes to unpacking, Mikkel came home from school on the 6thand discovered his clothes had been folded, ready for packing. In my mind that kind of says that Mikkel had unpacked. Otherwise Becky would have had to take his clothes out of the suitcase and then fold them and that would be too bizarre even for the Lindsey family.

Christine Lovell took Mikkel and other exchange students to her parents? pet store. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the condition the animals lived in.

Mikkel admits to commenting on the rabbits being in a cage with a wire floor without anything to protect them. He said they should have had something better to stand on. Once Christine/her mom basically said that it was none of his business, Mikkel shut up.

Mikkel commented on the state of the Lindsey family?s rabbits/pets.

Mikkel says that he asked why there wasn?t any sawdust on the bottom of the cage. That was it.

Mikkel repeatedly prevented the children from getting on their father?s lap.

This happened once and that was when Ray was looking at Mikkel?s photo-album. Mikkel did not want a dirty child getting into his album.

Parents discover that Mikkel has been moved

The way we as parents discovered that Mikkel had moved was through Ray. He told us that Mikkel had decided to leave the family.

Mikkel?s stay at the Bollmeyer

Bollmeyer exchange students and sister. The Bollmeyer home

It is easy to see why the Bollmeyers were approved as a host family. Their home was quite large and it is obvious that they try to keep things clean. They also seem to be able to take care of the students who come to them.

They already had two exchange students living with them. The rule that Forte has to follow is that Mikkel was only allowed to stay with them for two nights. But Forte gave themselves a dispensation and told Mikkel that he could stay with the Bollmeyers for up to ten days ? so max until September 16.

Mikkel thought it was weird that he was placed in a family that put such a rush on finding a new permanent family, as did we. It would have made more sense for him to be in a temporary home that could actually keep him until a proper family was found.

Christine?s explanation to Mikkel

When Mikkel asks Christine why he was moved so suddenly she answers that Ray told her that:

-Mikkel has a bad attitude

-Ray wants Mikkel to move

-Mikkel never unpacked his bags

-Mikkel placed terrible stress upon the family

Mikkel reminds Christine that he was in fact the one who had asked for a move. Christine does not take it well.

Christine turns the case over to Becky Sanderson

Christine found things to be too much for her and turned the case over to Becky Sanderson from Sulphur Springs, Texas. Ms. Becky Sanderson (BS) is an area representative that is known as a high placer. That means that she places around 30-60 students herself each year, collecting around $1100 per head.

Her contact with exchange students has quite often resulted in the exchange student going back to their home country traumatized (CSFES).

Ms. BS has placed allergic kids in homes with pets. In one case that landed the student in the hospital. While there she was taunted by Ms. BS for missing school. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has placed exchange students with a criminal background. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has tried to make trouble between exchange students and their host-families. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has placed students in homes where they have had to lend the family money, buy food for the children and take care of the children. They have lived in homes with shit in the washing machines. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has placed exchange students in homes where their sleeping areas have been completely inadequate. In one case the student was placed in a converted front porch and told that if she wanted heat she would have to buy her own oven. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has had ads on her facebook page advertising for local representatives telling them that the more students they place, the more money they will make. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has also had ads on her facebook page asking for host-parents for specific children ? including pictures of the exchange student. (CSFES)

Ms. BS has an exchange student living with her when she meets with Sharon Bollmeyer and Mikkel at Fort Smith. This is not the first time she has had students living with her. In fact she told everyone at the orientation meeting that she had had exchange students living with her for several years. Each year she had to make a new rule as there was always something wrong with the exchange student.

Ms. BS told Christine Lovell to go ahead and approve of Ray and Becky Lindsey even though she knew that they were not host-family material.

The stories about Ms. Becky Sanderson go on and on. There seems to be no limit to what she is willing to do to exchange students. I am confident she has satisfied students, but when I think of that woman being in contact with my son, I shudder. And this is the woman that Forte International Exchange Association managed to say ?Our local representatives or area directors would never threaten, ridicule or ever tell a student to "shut up". The writings of Becky Sanderson through text messages were firm and tried to explain the situation at hand to Mikkel.? (enclosure 10)

Christine Lovell?s participation in finding Mikkel a new host family

Christine Lovell seems to have dropped Mikkel completely. In her facebook conversations with him she refuses to place an ad in the paper, refuses to check out more families and tells Mikkel that he has to ask his teachers for a new family. Mikkel finds this extremely difficult.

Instead, Sharon Bollmeyer tries to find a family for Mikkel. Her friend Philip ends up suggesting someone he knows ? Julie and Malcolm Moe.

Mikkel at Mena High School

While all of this drama is going on, Mikkel attends school and has a blast. At first things were confusing, but his adult friend helped both Mikkel and Derek fill out forms and choose classes. Ray and Becky were not able to provide such assistance.

Mikkel got 3 As and 2 Bs. One of his Bs was in his Civics class where he and the other democrats in the class got to discuss politics with their republican teacher. In fact, Mikkel seemed to get along with his teachers and made friends with the other students. He sucked at English due to his dyslexia, but had hopes of being able to improve his grades.

Mikkel?s lunch-friends. The nicest school-bus driver in the world

One of Mikkel?s best friends at school Another good friend

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