The case part 3/4

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Becky as psychologist

Somehow overnight, Ms. Becky Sanderson develops psychologist skills and declares Mikkel suicidal. Mikkel had no idea that this was going on. Nor did we until the 4thof October. She also declares Mikkel a danger to himself and to others (enclosure 10) and claims that he had expressed suicidal thoughts in a facebook conversation where Malcolm Moe was also present.

It turns out that Mikkel was in fact trying to help a friend who had expressed thoughts of killing himself:

September 20

?ok im ready to die but i caint pull the triger whow wants to do it for me?

?wow, i thought i had it bad. life cant be that hard... can it??

?(Mike?s comment): (name) you have one of the kindest hearts I know and you have an amazing opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around you. You should watch Man on Fire starring Denzel Washington. Great movie. God bless!?


?hey (name)? i aint seen u in a while, but i would like to, so don't do anything drastic.?

?Let's have a little talk tonight! I have enough dead people in my cast an yyou aren't supposed to be one of 'em!?

?don't do it?

(Mikkel?s comment): ?i know that this is a despirate kry for help. i also know that you are not going to do that. because the people who take their own life do it without telling anyone about it. talk to me if you want to compare storryes or lifes. you or i will find out that our life is not that hard.?

(Mikkel?s comment): ?i just talked to him. (name) what the hell is wrong with you. this is not something you are kidding about. i was woried. delite this post imidiately! sent from the crossing.?

Mikkel had phoned his friend (name withheld for privacy reasons) to see if they could talk about what was bothering his friend. That was when he discovered that his friend had been kidding.

Mikkel suicidal and a danger to himself and others

When Into call us on October 4, they inform us of Mikkel being suicidal and being a danger to himself and others. They felt and feel that both have been proven time and again and support Forte completely ? per our meeting with them on October 15 (enclosure 11). They feel that they have the right to terminate a contract whose terms had never been met in the first place.

We were told that we needed to break the news of Mikkel?s return gently and were going to do so. When I sms?d Mikkel on the 5thhe had already been told by Becky.

Becky breaks the news to Mikkel

Mikkel had sent an sms to Ms. BS late the evening of October 4:

Date: 04/10(Ocktober)/2012


Ok, well suppose I?m trying to list my problems.

1.(That is what I did, but that information is not yet public)


Not to worry, you will be returning to no rway on Monday. Hope you will be happier when you get home and hopefully you will be more comfortable.(This was after we (parents) had been told that we would be the ones to tell Mikkel. Break it to him gently, we were advised, due to his delicate state.)




The agency contacted your parents. You?ve been in 3 homes and still not happy. You need to get some professional help when you get home.


I was really happy when I lived with the bollmeyers I have no complaints to make about them.

I don?t think this is the right thing to do. I?ve been depressed before, but to quit has never helped. I have never said that I was unhappy in my second home. I?ve never said I wanted to return to Norway!

I can get professional help here as well.

Texting is better than talking at the moment.(When Becky tried to call Mikkel up, he remained with sms)


(1/2) The home office decided you needed to go home. They talkef with your parents. None of your host parents have been happy wit your behavior so there is no m

(2/2)ore fami lies thst will host you. Sorry. We gsve you three families and the most you are allowed is two. We tried but it is time to go home.



Why what?


You said texting I?d better for the moment.

Yes. Because I?m emotional


Don?t be upset. Everybody cares about you and want whats best for you.


I do not belive that you know what is best for me.

Date: 05/10/2012. (Same conversation continues, but it?s after midnight)

Sharon said that she did not have any problems with me when I lived with her.


Sorry you feel that way. I didn?t make the decision, the owner did.


What is her number?


Sorry but some people won?t say, but doesn?t matter now. Your flight ticket had been bougth and Forte is sending you home.


Yes I should be asleep. Sorry if I wake you up. One Q: Why did you ask me if I wanted to go home, the same day you told Julie I was leaving?

I think this is a culture shock.

If I go back to Norway it will get worse. I will feel like I failed terrible! I will have trouble forgiving myself.

Well Answer when I?m leaving at least.(It?s easy to tell that this has come as a complete surprise and shock to Mikkel.)


You are leaving on mon day.


What time?

Becky: Don?t know yet. Waiting for flight info.(At this time we had no idea how Mikkel was doing. We were extremely worried because we had been told that he was suicidally depressed. We were waiting for the opportunity to tell Mikkel. We also had no idea when he was coming home. We certainly did not know that he was in the US trying to respond calmly and rationally to Becky?s treatment.)


I?m repeating myself since you did not answer. Why did you ask me if I wanted to go home, the same day you told Julie I was leaving?


(1/2) I was trying to help you and see if you where homesick- I?m not sending you home, the organization is. They can?t be liable for seriousness such as this. Yo

(2/2)u need to be with your parents so they can help you.

(1/2) Not true. None of them wantef to host you because of your beh avior. Everyone had the option to host you but turned iy down. No need to argue and disrespect

(I (Mikkel) sent a message to Sharon and asked if she ever got asked to host me for the whole year. She said no.)

(2/2)t me. Decition has been made.


Well in that case Sharon lied me in my face, that is something I will not belive.

Becky: I don?t lie and she did not want to host you. Wanted to be nice. Doesn?t matter anymore.


All desitions can be changed and they all have consequences. My family is not wasy to defeat.


There are not going to be changes. Your flight is Monday.


Respect is something that goes both ways, the same with disrespect! If you feel disrespected by me, I probably feel disrespected by you.

I asked Sharon, she said she never was asked to be my permanent host mother.


Its behavior like this that is getting you sent home. Settle down and behave the next three days.

Through CSFES we have been shown time and again that if Becky Sanderson meets resistance from an exchange student, she will use any means at hand to get her way. The few examples mentioned earlier show a woman who is willing to go to extremes.

I would have thought that Forte would have been more careful about who they allowed to be a representative for them considering the fact that they were sanctioned on September 23, 2010 for a year ?Letter of Reprimand, a one-year Probation and request for Corrective Action Plan? (enclosure 12).

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