FIEA and IEL thiefes

A complaint made for me and my case by my mother.

Mikkel has asked me to explain why our family think of Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) and Into Education Ltd. (Norway) (IEL) as thieves, seeing how they have stolen Mikkel?s money from him without any intention of compensating him for his loss or any additional non-monetary losses he has experienced due to being suddenly removed from the Program.

I am assuming you have read his case presentation below. In this explanation I will exclusively base my comments upon the State Department regulations as set forth in 22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Section 62.25.

It is impossible for me to comment on the training of FIEA?s and IEL?s representatives or their standing with their respective governments. I have a comment though of FIEA having received a ?Letter of Reprimand Probation (One Year) Corrective Action Plan? telling them that they needed to ?Improve program administration?

Becky Sanderson, the representative that ended up being the representative in charge of Mikkel had, according to his local representative, told her to approve of his first family even though Christine did not think they qualified. More on that later.

Becky Sanderson is known with CSFES as a rule-breaker. Since 2006 she gone from F.L.A.G., to AYUSA to DM Discoveries and finally Forte. This would in all likelihood make her what is called a floating representative.

In addition Becky Sanderson has hosted a great many students herself. In an article ( from the time she was with DM Discoveries (2007) she states that she herself had hosted more than 40 exchange student the previous 15 years. This is in clear breach of 62.25 (d.10.i), (d.15) and (l.1.ii). We also have a record of Becky Sanderson lying to our son. (SMS)

Mikkel was provided with a phone card that did not list Department of State numbers (g.6). In fact the only numbers listed there were for the home office of Forte and the insurance company.

The second family that Mikkel moved in with had not even been visited. The person that had found the home for Mikkel had not been inside either. We as parents were not provided with adequate information about the move. When Mikkel was later told by the host-mom that he was too expensive to host, that his vegetarianism was a problem and that his views were incompatible with their own we have breach of (j.1, j.2, j.3, j.4, j.6, j.7). Nor had the family received adequate orientation about the role of a host-parent which is in breach of (k.1, k.4). There simply was not enough time for all of this in the three days it took from the family was discovered until Mikkel moved in with them. This means that Forte could not have fulfilled their responsibility under (d.9) either.

The temporary family Mikkel moved in with already hosted two exchange students. This is in breach of (l.1.ii). Mikkel stayed with them for about 10 days. Forte had given themselves a dispensation from the rule that students could only stay in such a home for two nights.

All of these rules were broken and unacknowledged by FIEA. Instead all blame is placed on Mikkel and IEL support them 100%.

Mikkel?s hard-earned money into the pocket of thieves and the only offer we received from IEL was to spend even more money to place him in Canada. NOK 120000 more. I will admit that this sum indicates that IEL were foregoing their usual expenses with regard to Mikkel?s placement, something that seems odd considering the belief they place in FIEA?s handling of the case. This would have meant a total of NOK 180000 for Mikkel.

These are the reasons I have for calling FIEA and IEL thieves.

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04.12.2012 kl.00:01


har du ngot bra filmtips? :)



04.12.2012 kl.21:22

nathalie: Film med filmkamera. Hvis du er p jakt etter en god film vil jeg anbefale Date Nigth, Magic Mike, The Help og Limitless.


13.12.2012 kl.18:29


My daughter returned home (The Netherlands) November 6 2012, after a few very bad experiences with AYUSA. I read Mikkel had to deal in the USA with an other organization: FIEA. Ms Sanderson has worked for both organizations. In what region was Mikkel placed? My daugther was placed in the North East Region (she lived in New York State and New Yersey) . The regio manager of AYUSA performed very bad and did a lousy job in coaching the community representants. Her only interest was to please the host families and the representatives. My daughter got no support at all and was told she had mental problems. Was that your experience too?

I'm also interested what your steps have been taken so far to get your money back. And did you write to the Departement of State? And do you know the organization CSFES (

Most important is:

How is Mikkel doing right now? Able to pick up life again and be happy? My daughter is emotional harmed and still can't sleep at night. And she has no idea what to do the rest of this school year. Indeed it has been a ' life changing experience' , but not in the way it suppost to be.

It is a shame what they did to our kids! and for us as parents it is so painfull to see our kids suffer, I guess you feel the same.

I wish you all good luck in life.


14.12.2012 kl.19:11

xandra: My mother, lise wrote that letter on my recuest. I where the one to post it on my blog. And my name is Mikkel. This is my blog, and I am therefore the one answering your questions.
Have you read my case?
I think you will find most of my answers there.


14.12.2012 kl.19:17

I'm gonna answer them here as well.
Yes I know about CSFES, and my mother have been in contact with Danielle for a long time. (Ever since I returned in Oktober)
Other steps to getting my money back, contact Department of state, lawyers, the goverment in Norway, Into and FIEA.
As you alreaddy know I where on a meating with Into.
I have also been in contact with all regional newspapirs in norway, as well as two major TV-channels. All recuests for media coverage where declined.

By the way, BS (boolshit. Becky Sanderson) have worked in three exchange companies.
My mother will give you more information in a private message. And you are welcome to take contact with me, as I have now sent you my mailadresse in a mail.

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