Positives and Negatives


- I went to the US on exchange

- I wrote a complaint against Into and FIEA and sent it to several medias. VG decided to write about it.

- I passed all my exams in all of my years at school.

- I god an B at the theoretical part of my truck driving exam (combined D (2))

- I passed the theoretical part of my driver?s license the first time around with only 2 mistakes. (Max 7)

- I have sent out about 25 job applications, and been at 4 intervenes.

- I got three grades of A, and two grades of B on my midterm grade card.

- I've had some amazing teachers in the US. (All except one)

- I've met some amazing friends in the US. Stephanie S. and her family, as well as Angie Brown, Casey Bass, Emily McCoy and Charles Walter Ford to mention some of them.

- Then we have Becky Reid Linford (A friend, I have not jet met in person, but so is planned)

- Then we have all my American sisters Lauren Bollmeyer, Kallie Bollmeyer, Kassi Moe, Jessia moe and Delany Moe to mention some.


- My exchange ended early as the psychopath Becky Sanderson decided to call me Suicidal.

- VG changed their mind about my case, as a result I created VG's big fat lie. (blogpost)

- I got an F on the practical part of my truck driving exam. (combined D (2))

- I did not pass the practical part of my driver?s license.

- I have not succeeded at getting a job.

- I got a F in English and a C in chemistry at my mid-term grade card.

- I met Becky Sanderson

- I had an unfit local representative.

- I where put in Ray Lindsey's home. (not a good match at all)

- There is no way I?m ever gonna see the 10 000$ I paid for the exchange year, as I have no rights as an Norwegian exchange student.

- I have a good case, but lawyers are to expensive.


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