Hey, what the F*** just happened?

I went on a shopping spree!

The store X-mas tree

Discriminating against fat people. They have to go into their own small store.

An expensive swetter.

Some nigth clotes.

A jacket with dubble sipper.

Jeg gav bort sakkosekken min. (I gave this thing away to a stranger)

Other than that I have failed to get my driver license. I have been to the dentist. I have sleept at my grand parents. and a lot of other stuff I have forgotten.

I and three of my cousins played santa.

When we gave our grand parents their X-mas presents.

Then we went to their ant and uncle

The oldest and tallest of these three cousines where driving a rental car. This because he desided to drive into a mouse with his mothers car some time ago. He did not get hurt physically. But the car got hurt cuite bad.

Merry X-mas every one.

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