Hey today is christmas eve. And this is the day when we open presents in Norway.

And here is what I got for X-mas.

There is some wool socks (for the cold norwegian winter. With 20-30C below. Then there is some underpants, some money and a membership that give me first rigth on buying some appartments and houses.

I forgot this present.A nancy drew book, of the new kind.

This pickture is not taken by me. As I have alreaddy opened the bag I got for X-mas.

Besides getting all these wonderful X-mas presents from all the wonderful people I know, I got a kind X-mas letter (on facebook) from my good friend (Altrougth I have never met her in person) Becky "the good" Ried Linford.

I have eaten my usual X-mas breakfeast. (kromkaker)

Photo: A traditional christmas breakfest. For me that is.
I hope y'all have a wonderfull X-mas.

This while watching movie after movie. This was a quiet X-mas day with only my birth mother, father and blood brother. All we have done today is to take the dog for a walk, shuffle some snow, eat and watch movies.

Cinderella (The one with Drew Barrymore as cinderella)

Elf (about 5 minutes of it)

Scrouge (about 30 minutes of it)

Transporter 2


The time machine

Time cop

Sniper (Taking a break from it to open presents, and write on my blog)

6 movies (I belive I set a new record) This is the most movies I have watched in one day ever. So then it's just one thing to do. Finnish the 6th movie and go to bed. As I woke up at 8:00am today.

We had a traditional X-mas dinner. With "mashed potatoes, rutabaga, gravy and lamb ribs." According to google translate. (potetmos, klrabistappe, brun saus og pinnekjtt.)

Once again have a wonderful X-mas and may the three spirits fill your boddies with X-mas. This is the time to be happy for what you got, and sad for thouse who do not have enogth to cover their basic needs. May god bless them. And may the fireworks on the last day of the year ligth upp all the good memories from the past year and enligthen your hopes for your future, and the future of everyone else.

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13.01.2013 kl.02:20

Hey Mikkel.... I'm not sure if you know me, but I just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog... It is very interesting to follow your life, and how you are handling everything that has happened with your exchange year.. I'm enjoying every post, and I hope you will continue to blog!



15.01.2013 kl.10:59

Anonymous: Thank you. Yes I will continue blogging. I've planned a new post in the end of this week. (A special post)
And I have to say that I do not know if I know you either, because you did not post your name here. I would guess that you either live in Mena, or that you are one of my mom's friends.

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