Blizzards aren?t for me

Several life changing events


Monday: My parents bought me tickets. I?m staying with three of my mother?s friends in Los Angeles. I?m leaving 2th of March, and staying until the 10th. Then I?m off to Virginia, about half an hour from Washington DC. I?m staying with Becky Lindford, one of my mom?s friends, which have already become my friend. She did this during my exchange period, when she helped me coping with my problems. And back to Norway on the 17th.


Tuesday: I passed my Drivers License test. So I got my Driver?s License. Passed on my second try. I passed this time because I did not take the test during a blissard, and because I had fewer nerves. My sensor/the guy who passed me, said that I where a good driver. See picture for more information if you do understand Norwegian.

Wednesday: My father changed insurance, so that I can drive our cars.

Thursday: My mother sent me on errands. Having a driver?s license isn?t all great! I drove my brother to and from school. (it wasn?t so bad, but I had to get up cutie early).

Friday: I drove my brother to school, and signed up for voluntary work. See picture underneath if you do understand Norwegian.


Sorry that this lowest pickture is wrongly rotated.

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