Do not write in the letter that you are a vegeterian, if you are. As this is the major reason that it took so long to find me a host family. According to FIEA host familys loked at my letter and everything where fine untill they saw that I where a vegeterian. If you feel like you have to mention it just say it like this. "I try to eat healty, that's why I do not wish to eat meat more than nessesarry."

Remember that the host familys choses you, so present you as a good person, and try not to write to mutch negative about your self. I'm not telling you to lie, but you do not need to inform them of everything either"

Get a Lawyer to look at any papirwork before signing it.

Make sure you're parrents agree to whatever is written on any document before signing it.

Make sure to inform your parrents about the situation you're in, as the exchange firms will give them their point of view, not yours. They migth eaven lie.

Watch Lie To Me: A TV- series about deseption, so that you can be better at reading faces: They have it on netflix of here: (I recomendt the link for: putlocker)

Have a lawyer on stand by if any problems should accure during you're exchange year, either with the family or with the exchange firm. If any problems accure, tell these to your lawyer imidiately, and ask him/her what the apropiate action would be.

Be polite, but stay on your ground, cause you just got rigths in Norway as well as the USA. The law has changed (or is going trogth a change at this moment)
Contact CSFES ( if you feel like it, or can not aford a lawyer, as they will help you.

Go to my mothers blog for tips:

You can also contact her at +47 99 27 09 03

Finally, do not let any bad experiences destroy your family, keep strong and keep together. (How come when anytime this scary shit happens, and we should stick together, youwhite people always say"let's split up"?)

I bogth a new "compact" camera today.

Are you still reading? In that case you will now be informed that this entry will be updated, as I probobly forgot some stuff. I belive I made a list, but I can't find it.

Take care!

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