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Hey, I'm here by announcing that I'm going to start blogging again, at least once a week, and this post is going to be on every Saturday. It's going to be called Home. This because this once a week blog post will contain a home design I've made with My Virtual Home. It's a free Home Design Software.

The house above is either a tiny house, a holiday hutt or a caravan. It's made from a 8x20 foot shipping container. So if you put some wheels underneath it, and add some water systems at the back its a caravan. The bed is a murphy bed

blondebobbirecuested that I incorpriated a folding door system in front of the bed. I think that would take up to mutch space, so I put a screen in instead. Here it is:

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27.03.2013 kl.20:49

hvorfor skriver du ikke p norsk? Kan du legge ut linken p den nedlastningen til det husbygging tingen over?


31.03.2013 kl.13:43

Tuva: http://myvirtualhome.com.au/
Jeg skriver ikke p norsk fordi jeg har venner i USA, som flger bloggen min.


18.05.2013 kl.08:38

LOVE the Murphy bed idea. Can you also put a folding door/screen between the bed and the rest of the place? Thank you


24.05.2013 kl.19:24

Bobbi: That is a great idea. Although I think a curtain would fit better in this small home design. The TV is on a swinging arm by the way.

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