4. Home

As promissed here you have a 3 beedroom, 2 bathroom home, made up of 3 joyned 40 foot shipping containers, I'ts a minimalist building that's all about the outdore living.

3. beedroom

2. beedroom

Master beedroom

Main bathroom.


Picture of the hallway, taken from the entry-door.


This is the livingroom.

This is the combined diner/kitchen and livingroom.

This is the closet, it's currently being used as a guest (bed)room.

This is the entry to the closet, and the exit onto the livingroom deck.

This is the livingroom facade

Here you have the bedroom facades.

And finally there is the florplan:

Thank you for watching this design.
Curtasy of My Virtual Home Design Software.

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21.04.2013 kl.06:18

Didn't you tell us that you were going to visit the States in March? How did that go? Can you tell us about it?


21.04.2013 kl.12:53

Anonym: Sorry I totally forgot to blog about that, a lot of things have happend ligthly. I'll make a blog about that next week.

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