5. Home

Here you have it. (Sorry I'm a day late)

This house is made up of three shipping containers (40*8*8 foot) and they are shifted a bit, to better acoomidate the rooms. The garage is made up of two 20 foot containers (20*8*8) This means that the house has a short on site construction site, and most of the work can happen within a controlled envirement, and when it's done, you can ship it on top of three lorries. The best selling feature is however the gigantic patio.

A look trogth the living room, and londry room. (With it's own exit)

This is the laundry room

This is the master bathroom

Master beedroom

Living room/Kitchen/ dining-room.

The kitchen has a bar.

2. bathroom

2. beedroom

3. beedroom

The entry, with acsess to the garage (So you do not have to go outside on a rainy day)

This one is pretty obvious.

The exterior.

A gigantic on roof patio. More than 1000 sq feet.

A fresh water holding tank, as you can see, you have a staircase to the roof, and the roof covers a little bit of the ground below, just outside the londry exit.

The roof.

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