Human trafficking (Includes sensitive information)

What is Human Trafficking?

To sell and/or buy humans and use them as sex-slaves, forced laborers or just cut out their organs.

What's the impact?

International trade in humans is worth about $32 billion a year. This accumulates to 2,5 million yearly smuggled people internationally. One person is sold each 47th second.

How does it work?

Bonded laborer is the most common way of doing human trafficking.

Example: You're a poor factory worker in China. You get a change to travel to the Candida to work in a shoe factory; you are promised fair salaries and 8 h ours work days, instead of 16 (as you're currently doing). You get smuggled into Canada inside a shipping container, together with 24 other's. It might be an empty container, and you may die along the way, or if you're smuggler cares about your life (or the value of selling it) he might have make two container that's insulated and look like this, and have them placed besides each other (cause it contains a secret door, to get from one to the other.

He buys one of these:EcoloBlue 30It makes water of the air. (30 liters a day)

(If he's even smarter he will make these containers and use them as a self-sufficient country hut. (But that's not the case here)

After you're arrivals in Canada you are forced to work for peanuts (and other food/water) if you get sick you get killed. If you leave your fellow workers (also from China gets killed), this because you're master says you owes he money for the "Smuggling into Canada".

What's the difference between Human Trafficking and slavery?

Human trafficking is the process by which a person becomes enslaved, while slavery is the condition one finds him or herself in after they have been trafficked; in other words, a person cannot be a slave without first having been trafficked

Old factionSlavery where not gender specific, modern slavery mostly affects women. (This because women are in higher demand within the sex-trade)

What?s alike?

The difference in treatment from smugler to smugler, and slavemaster to slavemaster. (as mentioned in the example) 50 (Trafficed humands) in a container without any thing but food and water, living in their ownFecies, or 24 living in confort during their travels.

Some masters rape their slaves, some learn them to read. Some live in a basement without any windows, some sleep in beds. This can go on and on, but Isincerely hope it will not.

How to help?

Do not buy or sell humands, and do not support this buisniess.

I would recommend reading this article for more information on the subject:


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