Los Angeles

My holyday in the US had a duration of 14 days, 7 of witch where spent in Los Angeles, during this time I lived in three different homes, with three different families, the first of witch where Lorie and Tom.

Here are some pictures I took during my stay with them.

This picture where taken on the fair wheel on Santa Monica Pair. We went there the evening I laded. I slept well that night to say the least.

This is Tom taking in the good views.

The fair wheel overlooks the pier and the ocean.

Santa Monica Pier at nigth.

This is Los Angeles seen from the fair wheel.

Santa Monica Pier?s parking lot. (For some strange reason this is often left out in Hollywood movies)

This is theWalt Disney Concert Hall

A tour bus, not to recommend.

This is Tom's car, this is the way to take a guided tour in style.

The interior of either Tom?s car or the concert hall.

The walk of fame

I never thougth I would be at the walk of fame, I guess I where misstaken.

This is taken at a High School in LA, where I spent the day.

This is taken while waiting for Lorie outside the High School.

This game is called Mahjong. It's quite fun, I won several rounds but got 2. place over all. Not too bad for my first time ever playing the game.

Knots Berry Farm (A theme park) the theme is the Wild West.


Taken by Lorie, while I where riding roller coasters.

Can you find me, I?m taking Supreme Scream.

The view over Buiena Park, California.

The view over Buiena Park, California.

The view over Knots Berry Farm, California.

This is Lorie eating Chocolate, or so she told me to tell my mom anyway.

I'll make several entry?s from my holyday in the US over the coming weeks, 5 or 6 in total, all completed by the Norwegian national day.

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