Orange County part 2

Tom was looking for a new pet, so I took a pickture of mice.ImageThis is Allison.ImageImageTom, Danielle and Allison.ImageImageImageA squirrel, sorry for the bad quality. I?ll do better next time.ImageHere you go.ImageWe had to drive by this house twice, so I could take a picture of it, It?s the pinkest house I?ve ever seen, perfect for Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds. (A movie)ImageIs it a rug, Is it a pillow? No it?s a catwoman.ImageDanielle makes the bestquesadillas ever. I?ve tried it at restaurants, fast food places and to make it myself, no one measures up.ImageA picture taken from the window while driving a Kia Sould in 60mph.ImageImageTheir pasta tastes amazing, but I would not advise you to eat their Pizza. If you want pizza use the pizzaria just around the corner. (Do not remember the name at the moment.. Sorry.ImageGina?s pasta.ImageImageThis is Danielles husband, he works at US mailservice.ImageImageImageImage

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