Orange County part 1

A little bit of advertisement for The Yellow Deli. They have wonderful salads, and the best banana bread I?ve ever had. Be aware.ImageWhat the F*** just happened here? Did I drink to much? Did he hit me in my face? Did I faint? That?s up to you to decide.Image

Beautiful Orange County. (I wanna move!)ImageImageWewent sightseeing, and on the way we came across some geeks, model aircraft geeks that is. They where pretty good, and the planes flying alongside the birds just feet from the ocean was a beautiful sight, on a beautiful day, in beautiful company.ImageDo you wanna jump?ImageThis is Orange County partnotOrange County parta model helicopter, rather a military helicopter flying about a mile away. Taken with 20*zoom.ImageYummy, eating lunch while waiting for the movies to start.ImageI still want to move!ImageYou gotta be creative to clean a popcorn maker. I just hoped she didn?t fart in there.ImageThis seems surreal, but I can assure you it?s real.ImageThis is Tommas (Tom). The oldest of Danielles two kids. We went for a walk in their neighborhood.ImageImageWould you like to take the walk?ImageOr talk the talk?ImageImageA close up of Tom?s shoe.ImageThis dog looks miserable, better him than me. We had to run for our lives because he barked so much.ImageA panoramashot.ImageI believe I can grow, I believe i can touch the sky.ImageBut I can not cause I?m trapped here in the earth.

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