desember 2012


Hey today is christmas eve. And this is the day when we open presents in Norway. And here is what I got for X-mas. There is some wool socks (for the cold norwegian winter. With 20-30C below. Th...

Hey, what the F*** just happened?

I went on a shopping spree! The store X-mas treeDiscriminating against fat people. They have to go into their own small store.An expensive swetter.Some nigth clotes.A jacket with dubble sipper.Jeg...

Positives and Negatives

Good: - I went to the US on exchange - I wrote a complaint against Into and FIEA and sent it to several medias. VG decided to write about it. - I passed all my exams in all of my years at school...

my time at icas main warehouse


my time at gardermoen airport


hbrc 2012 long version both weeks

This is the long version of the horse back riding camp videos. This video starts with week 2 and ends with ween 1.

VG's Big Fat Lie

Hey, the people of the web. I have previously said that VG is going to right about my case. I'm therefore truly sorry to say that I have been misled by an evil witch. The case will not be published...

hoseback riding camp 2012

This movie where made during my first week at horse back riding camp 2012. This movie where made with my compact camera. (week one, where cuite a lot better than week 2).

hoseback riding camp 2012

This video is made during the 2. week of horse back riding camp 2012. The camp leader where so impressed with the first video I made, that he bougth a video camera I used to make this movie.

FIEA and IEL thiefes

A complaint made for me and my case by my mother. Mikkel has asked me to explain why our family think of Forte International Exchange Association (FIEA) and Into Education Ltd. (Norway) (IEL) as...

The case part 4/4

The last part. Enjoy (again comment, email, and I will send you the document) Psychologist?s evaluation Due to our phone conversations with Mikkel, we knew that he was not suicidal. After he w...

The case part 3/4

Sorry this entry is to big (Max, 3200 carracters/letters), the final part will therefore be published tomorrow. (Sorry for this unregularuty) Once again if you want the Word document, comment your...